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Know all about high-risk pregnancy

Dr. Padmapriya

August 7, 2019

High-risk pregnancy comes with so many complications for you and the baby. You need to be extra careful in that case. In another way, if you have a high-risk pregnancy there might be an increased risk of health issues before, during and post pregnancy. In some cases, it might be minor but for few, it may involve so many high risks. Special monitoring is needed. There are so many risks factors involved.

Factors for high-risk pregnancy : There are so many factors which cause to high-risk pregnancy.

  •    Maternal age factor – After the age of 35 years or above than that there are higher chances of complicated pregnancy.
  •    Unhealthy lifestyle – If any woman is following the unhealthy lifestyle which includes smoking and drinking alcohol on a regular basis it may cause the high-risk pregnancy.
  •    Medical history – Any chronic disorder such as breathing problems, diabetes, hypertension, heart disorders, asthma, infections, and blood-clotting issues may increase the risks in case of pregnancy.
  •    Surgical history – If any woman has gone through the surgery of uterus or abdominal surgeries previously, these might increase the risks during pregnancy.
  •    Multiple pregnancies – Multiple pregnancies have higher risks factors than a normal pregnancy. It needs extra care and monitoring.
  •    Complicated pregnancy – There are so many complications which may cause to high-risk pregnancy such as placenta position, poor fetal growth, and especially in case of Rh blood group.
How to be extra careful in case of high-risk-pregnancy – Once you got to know that you have a high-risk pregnancy than you need to start taking care of yours from day one. Few steps can help you to feel comfortable and make you easy to go through the complication which you are facing.
  •    Regular monitoring – Once you get pregnant, it is very important to follow the regular monitoring routine. It is beneficial for you and your baby.
  •    Healthy diet – Healthy diet plays an important role in pregnancy. Make a routine to eat healthy food in which vitamins, irons, and fibers are there. Take supplements as per the prescription. Dairy products should be in your daily diet plan such as yogurt, cheese and mild.
  •    Gain sufficient weight – During pregnancy gain only that much weight which is required for the baby’s development and health. Keep an eye on weight and consult with the doctor is really helpful.
  •    Follow a healthy lifestyle – Make a routine in which include meditation. Drink plenty of water. Say no to smoking and alcohol. Be happy and healthy during and post pregnancy. Take proper nap all these steps will lead you to follow a healthy lifestyle.
Stick to what your health care providers suggest because it will avoid any kind of risk in your pregnancy.

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